How to Clean and Format a Drive which is not Working

This tutorial is prepared especially for Window 10 user but can be applied for other versions of windows like 7/8 and 8.1 also. Let me tell you why we are going to learn to clean and format the infected drive by using the “diskpart” utility. Hard drives and USB flash drives are prone to many problems. They easily get corrupted while we are using them. The format option won’t resolve our real issues with our external drive or USBs. Here we have got the best solution. You don’t need any online help or any formatting software to do this. We are going to use the built-in utility of Window.

  1. Connect your infected or corrupted drive (can be a hard drive or USB/Pen drive).
  2. Go to Window’s search menu and open Command Prompt “As an administrator”.
  3. Now, type “diskpart” and press Enter. (Please type only the text shown in bold.)
  4. You will enter into diskpart utility area. Now type this command: “list disk
  5. So, let us take our time to identify the disk which we are trying to repair. You will see “disk 0” (your primary drive) and “disk 1” and other (“disk 2” and so on) also if you have connected multiple external drives. So, it’s a good tip to connect one external drive at a time when you are working with diskpart.
  6. Select the drive by typing “select disk 1” and hit Enter.
  7. Type “clean” and press Enter.
  8. Till now we have cleaned our corrupted drive. Now, we need to create a new partition for a fresh start. So, type “create partition primary” and hit Enter.
  9. Type “select partition 1”  and press Enter to select the newly created partition.
  10. Type “active” and hit Enter.
  11. Type “format fs=ntfs label=X Drive quick” and hit Enter. (You should change with the drive name you want it to be.)
  12. Type “assign letter=X” and press Enter. This will assign the letter X as your drive name. (You can change X with any other letter which is not used by another drive on the computer.)
  13. Type “exit” to end this task.

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