10 Android Apps that you need to have

10 Android Apps that you need to have

There are thousands of apps available in the Google Play Store. Here, are top 10 Android Apps that you need to have on your smartphone.

Google Assistant

  • This is an assistant application. This assistant is voice-powered. It’s like Siri in iPhone and Cortana in Windows.
  • With this app, you can have access to easy navigation and communication.
  • It is useful for syncing your other devices including smart TVs, laptops, and more.
  • Likewise, you can play music, watch videos, and do other things too.


  • This app is one of the best note-taking apps. You can find a lot of apps for note-taking but I recommend you to try this one without having any doubt.
  • It lets you take note, create lists, scan documents, make sketches or draw, add media files in you note etc.
  • You can easily share the files created in this app with other phones, tablet, and computer.
  • It’s an important tool to take note quickly and effectively for students and teachers.

Google Drive

  • Google Drive is an app that lets you store your files in the cloud platform. You don’t have to worry about your file being corrupted or lost.
  • 15 GB storage is freely available for storing your files. For more space, you have to pay a certain premium.
  • You can backup, share, move, rename, edit, download your files. So, it has vast flexibility in case of maintenance of files.

Facebook Messenger

  • Facebook Messenger is one of the popular messaging apps used for worldwide communication.
  • Some cool features are Text, voice, SMS, live video facilities, encrypted messaging mode etc.
  • You can send stickers to your friends. In this way, you can keep in touch with people in an instant way through this app.

Password Manager

  • Security threats have been the major issue in this time. So, this app can secure your secret password as well as provides you managing options also.
  • What it does is, it creates a secure vault and your passwords and crucial information are kept in it in a secure state.
  • It has another feature¬†of auto-filling logins in browsers and apps. Instantly, it generates new and secure passwords also.


  • Feedly is another helpful app that you must have if you want to get major information about the fields on which you are interested.
  • This app is used for following the blogs, magazines, and other sources that are of your interest.
  • It also has other features that allow you to organize, read and share information on the related topics. This is the best app if you want to be updated.

Google Maps

  • Google Maps is a web mapping service for real-time GPS navigation, traffic, public transport info, and exploration.
  • If you’are anxious to find out a certain place, maybe a restaurant or cafe, which you have come to know or your friends have told you to give it a try, then this app is best for tracking you desired place.
  • It also provides offline maps, street view, the indoor imagery of different places, indoor maps of big places etc.

Google Chrome

  • This is a browsing app.
  • Here are some important features of Google Chrome: (1) Fast browsing with less typing requirement. (2) Syncing facility across devices. (3) Incognito browsing for privacy and security (4) Google Safe Browsing, Voice Search (5) Smart personalized recommendation
  • Besides these, you can easily surf the internet, download with optimum speed and can have quick access to your favorites.

WPS Office and PDF

  • WPS Office and PDF let you access all your documents without having to download the different application as per their file extension. Word, Powerpoint, pdf, spreadsheets etc. are supported by this app.
  • It has got better readability features that allow you to read any documents or books in low light in Night Mode.
  • Conversion of files from PDFs to Word, cloud storage scanning of paper documents to PDFs with the camera etc. are some other recommendable features.


  • This app belong’s to Amazon.
  • If you are a bookish fellow or a bookworm, then this should be your first priority.
  • You can find a massive collection of books in this application which you can download, read and buy.

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