How to Save Your Android Phone Battery

How to Save Your Android Phone Battery

If you’ve been using an Android phone, then it’s not a queer question to you. So, let’s see how to save your Android Phone Battery. A lot of time when people talk about their phone, one thing they rarely miss to talk about is about their smartphones’ battery life. If it has become such a great deal of the problem, then why not start digging out the solution to this dilemma.

Turn on power saving mode

This is the first and foremost thing you can actually do and is that you need to turn on power saving mode. What it does is what you mean by “power saving mode”. It’s an easy choice for you to do. It’s not a big deal for you to just scroll down your notification window, which you can find at the top of your phone screen. Scroll it down and tap on the saving power option or icon.

Get rid of Google Assistant

This feature assists you for navigation but not for saving your battery. If you’ve knowingly or unknowingly turned on this feature and if you think that you can live without Google assistant, then turn it off.

Uninstall unwanted apps

Many folks just go on installing apps from play store just to show their phone’s internal memory strength. Don’t go so crazy, it will weaken your battery power. If you are making your Android phone, a warehouse for all sorts of unwanted apps (for you), then it might be quite a burden for your phone. So, uninstall it.

Turn off GPS, Bluetooth, Mobile data even Wi-Fi

If it’s possible then turn off your Wi-fi when you are not using them. Well, it might be difficult for you to remain away from Wi-Fi, because of your study, work or you may be waiting for some important message or notification. But GPS, Bluetooth, Mobile data etc. are not necessarily required 24 hours. Turn them off when you’re not requiring them.

Reduce Screen Brightness

Brightness maintenance takes more battery charge. If you’ve turned on the auto-adjustment feature, then it’ll cost your battery’s charge. So, it’s better to keep it low or minimum, which will benefit your battery and even your eye, if you’re obsessed with the phone.

Control battery discharge

This means you simply have to avoid overcharging in the first place. When it’s 100% fully charged just unplug your phone. Some are attached with their phone so intimately that they don’t want to leave it even if their phone’s battery is dying, which is not a good practice.

Avoid unwanted widgets

Some Android users love a lot of widgets on their screen, which can be helpful but too many widgets is battery consuming. So, make your fingers active and avoid unwanted widgets, which only suck your battery’s life.

Maintain background running apps

You can to it by going to Settings > Apps. Check out the list of apps running actively in the background. If you find anything worthless to be running in the background, then “force stop” or “disable” it. Be careful when you are doing this.

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