How to Find Wi-Fi Password of Connected Network

How to Find Wi-Fi Password of Connected Network

This tutorial is about How to Find Wi-Fi Password of Connected Network. To know the password of your wi-fi on which you are connected you just have to follow few steps. It is easy, simple and handy. Sometimes you are allowed to use wifi after they type the password to your PC or laptop without letting you see it. In such cases also, you can easily know the password. This is just an example. Well, you may forget your wifi password, if you have recently connected. Anyway, you should how to find Wi-Fi password for Connected Network. If you want to look smart in the midst of other friends, then do the following things:

  1. Go to Window menu or search option located at the bottom-left section of your screen.
  2. Now type “cmd” or “command prompt“.
  3. Right click on the command prompt and select “Run as Administrator“. When you open the command prompt as an administrator then, it will let you perform the various administrative task in it. 
  4. Ok, type this command with proper attention: netshwlan show profile (Type carefully without misspelling any word.)((This will give you list of all the network on which you are connected.
  5. Till now we haven’t got the password. So, type this command to get the actual password: netsh wlan show profile ______________(your wifi name) key = clearI have used my wifi name to show you.
  6. Don’t care about other information that you see on the black screen. Find “key content“. What you see there is your password on which you’re connected. 

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