How to Hide a Drive Using Command Prompt

How to Hide a Drive Using Command Prompt?

In this tutorial, we are going to learn how to hide a drive using command prompt. The windows user can only benefit from this tutorial. The command prompt is one of the best utilities that you can use to resolve a lot of issues. Through this, you can do lots of amazing things.

Why is this important to be learned? I think we people want privacy but at the same time, we are sneaky kind of people who love to find out what others have on their computer. Hiding a drive using command prompt will help you to prevent other people from seeing your files. Let’s dive into our cool tricks that we are going to use to stop our friends and family from knowing what you’ve got in our laptop/computer. So, learn how to hide a drive using command prompt.

  1. Search for “Command Prompt”. (You can type “cmd” in the window menu to get the easy search result. )
  2. Open the command prompt with “Run as administrator” by clicking on the right button, where you can see some other options too. 
  3. A black window will appear. Now, type diskpart and hit Enter. 
  4. Type list volume. Command prompt will provide you a list of all the volumes of your PC. Here you can see what mine looks like. Consider volume 1,2,3….. and Letter (Ltr).
  5. Now, I want to hide volume 0 and its is denoted by letter G. (Choose the drive that you want to hide.) To select the drive which I want to hide, I need to type select volume 0. (You can type 0,1,2,3… whichever you want to hide.)
  6. Your volume will get selected. After that type remove letter G and hit Enter. (Remember the volume no. and letter. For example: If you have selected volume 1 then, your drive letter is E and you should type remove letter E.)
  7. You read the message in the above picture. We’ve successfully hidden the drive. If you go and open your My Computer or My PC icon, you will find that the drive which you’ve selected and removed is no more there.

But what if you want your drive/volume back?

Hey, don’t worry! We’ve have got solution for that also. Just follow all the steps excluding the final step when we typed something like remove ……… Now, if this doesn’t make any sense to you, then look at this picture and follow the steps.

  • Here, I have again selected volume 0 because I want it back. In the picture above, you can see volume 0 but not drive letter, it’s blank/empty because I had hidden it before.
  • Type assign letter G. (You’ve to type the volume letter which you’ve hidden. That’s why I told you to remember the volume no. and letter which you were hiding.)
  • After you’ve done these things, this message will show up: “Diskpart successfully assigned the drive letter or mount point.” That means you’ve regained your hidden volume.

Thank you for using this tutorial on How to Hide a Drive Using Command Prompt. You can see other informative posts and tutorials also.

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