How to make your Computer Run Faster

How to make your Computer Run Faster

How to make your Computer run faster is one of the most asked questions among computer users. So, this post covers about 10 different ways that you can follow to speed up your computer. It’s a sad thing to say that when you first purchase a computer or laptop, it’s like a magic tool which works fine and smooth. But sooner or later it slows down and a lot of time you end up with not responding message. So, let us see some tips that can be helpful to gear up for such a situation.

How to make your Computer Run Faster

Uninstall Unwanted programs

While surfing on the internet, we get attracted or lured by many advertisements and we quickly click and install those programs. In that way, many times unwanted programs also get installed on our computer. Or you might install programs without knowing its use also. If you’ve no any use of any programs then, uninstall it as soon as you can.

Update your apps and programs

Keeping all your application, utilities or programs updated will somewhat boost up your computer’s performance. If you’re connected on the internet, you’ll be provided notification about updates requirements.

Use Anit-Virus program

I advise you to install an anti-virus program. Don’t rely upon free anti-virus programs that are abundantly available. That’s one of the best ways through which bugs enter into your computer. Some freely available anti-malware and spyware scanner also work well.

Use Balanced Power Plan

A lot of people think that turning on Power saving option or mode will preserve their computer’s batter with causing any problems. You’re wrong because mode will decrease your computer’s performance also. Choosing high performance will consume your battery charge faster. So, if you’re worried about both your computer’s performance and battery life, choose a balanced power plan.

Empty your Recycle Bin

I don’t mean to say that you’ve to do this daily but it’s a good practice to clean up your computer’s recycle bin once a week. You can take some time to see all the files in the trash. Restore important files that you’ve deleted and then,  delete those files which are of no use anymore.

Manage your hard drive space

Keeping at least 15-20 GB of free space in every partition of your computer is a nice tip for your computer drives. One of the worst practice that we often do is that we keep heavy files on the desktop. One guy came up to me and said that his computer’s C drive was taking 90 GB space even though he hadn’t installed any big programs on the computer. When I looked at his computer’s desktop, I was amazed by seeing loads of folders especially videos scattered on the desktop. Keep your desktop neat and tidy.

Use external hard drive

The more you get older, the more you’ll have a collection of memories in the forms of videos, images and other documents. Purchase a good hard drive and store those files which are not required day to day. You can even store them in the cloud like OneDrive, Google Drive, Dropbox etc.

Turn off Unwanted Startup Programs

Startup tap or programs are sometimes useful but more than that it’s annoying if you’ve no any specific use of that particular program. It will slow down our computer’s speed. Don’t allow such tabs to run instantly after you turn on your computer. For that, you can turn them off.

Software Update

From time to time, you need to update the computer’s software. It will help your computer to fix bugs and glitches that slow down it. Similarly, your computer drivers will also get updated which will result in the better speed and performance of your computer.

Clean Up browsers history 

Delete all temporary files and cookies which are unnecessary for your browsers. This will free up disk space also and your browsers will work fine. You can enjoy good privacy too.

Ok, we have got the answers about How to make the Computer Run Faster.

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