The 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

The 10 Best Google Chrome Extensions

Google Chrome is a widely used search engine in the world. So, we are going to see the 10 best Google Chrome Extensions. Why Chrome Extensions? Though we can find other web browers, Google Chrome has also gained its popularity among the internet users. Not only that Google Chrome lets its user make it more interactive and easy by allowing to add the various extension which is freely available also. So, I have picked up about 10 Google Chrome Extension that is really helpful for me and hope that you’ll also like it. If you find it useful then don’t forget to add it to your Chrome.

1. Google Dictionary

This is a free dictionary provided by Google which you can add as an extension in your Chrome. Every time when you visit any website and when you find any word difficult to understand, then just double- click the word that you don’t understand to see it’s meaning. Other special features of this extension are pronunciation for most of the words and the reference link to the Google Dictionary page.  Several languages are supported by this extension. So, have a fun using things extension dictionary. Click here 

2. LastPass

This is a free password manager provided by Google. I think this one is really helpful for people who want to secure their passwords and vital information. You just need to remember one password i.e. LastPass master password. After that, you can save all your vital usernames and passwords in it. Those information are accessible from any other devices. Autologins and syncing is also possible. Click here

3. Sidenotes

Sidenotes is another helpful extension for writing down or jotting things down when you find anything informative and helpful as you use the internet.  A blank notepad will appear on the right side of your Chrome’s screen and your notes will be saved in Dropbox from where you can access it easily. Click here

4. Mercury Reader

Mercury Reader is a nice tool for reading purpose. It actually enhances readability on the internet. When want to read your favorite websites’ web pages you can use this extension to trim the surrounding of those webpages. It’ll provide you with a clean and readable view which you enjoy without having to care about disturbing pop-ups and advertisements. Click here

5. Boomerang

Boomerang is another cool extension for emailing. This extension allows users to schedule message sending, setup redundant email messages and even postpone emails. Message scheduling features are limited for the free users. If you subscribe, you’ll have unlimited message credits and other features too. Click here

6. Hover Zoom

Hover Zoom is the best tool for those Chrome user who is great lovers of pictures because this little tool will zoom in on pictures that you hover over. You don’t have to click every time to see the full size of pictures or videos thumbnails. Just hover over the thumbnails to view its full size and quality. Click here

7. Google Translate

Google Translate is one of the most helpful tools in this world where we people speak multi-languages. This translator allows you to translate the text of web pages with a toolbar button. Users can easily select the text or even entire page and use this extension to get free translation service even with pronunciation. Click here

8. Awesome Screenshot

Awesome Screenshot will allow you to take a screenshot of any portion of the web pages that you like. It is a nice tool to capture and annotate portions of web pages in an easy way. Screenshots which are over 2 MB size also can be saved with this tool. Video recording is also possible with this extension. Click here

9. HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS is the encrypted web standard. It allows websites to protect data you’re entering from surveillance and being hijacked. The extension was created by digital rights group the  Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Tor Project. It automatically switches websites using the insecure HTTP protocol to HTTPS. Click here

10. Speedtest by Ookla

This extension is for your internet speed test. Speedtest will give you the information about your connections performance, upload and download speed. Though it will not help to improve your connection’s strength,  you can certainly complain to your internet service provider about it. Click here

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