10 Facts About Programming

10 Facts About Programming

Hello! In this post, I have got something interesting  and that is 10 Facts About Programming. You have heard people talking about programming and it’s true that programming is a popular thing at this present time. So, let’s read some interesting fact about programming and its history. Here, I would like to present 10 facts about programming:

  • Ada Lovelace was the first computer programmer, who translated an article about Charles Babbage’s an algorithm that is cited as the first computer program
  • The Colossus machines were the first programmable electronic digital computer which was sued in Worl War II.
  • Grace Murray Hopper and other computer programming pioneer documented the first actual computer “bug” when a moth got trapped in the Mark 2 Aiken Relay Calculator in 1947. 
  • In 1983, Fred Cohen, best known as the inventor of computer virus defense techniques designed a parasitic application that could “infect” the computer.

  • The PHP’s founder, Lerdorf, has never intended for PHP to become a programming language.
  • A programmer is one who deals with algorithms and design principles, no the one who repair a computer.
  • The first computer game was created in 1961 and it didn’t make any money.

  • Most people are intimidated by the thought of learning how to program, however as with anything, the more you practice and repeatedly do that task, the easier it gets.
  • There are about 698 different programming languages.
  • The first computer was actually a loom called the Jacquard loom, an automated, mechanical loom, which didn’t use any electricity.

  • The first high-level (very close to real English that we use to communicate) programming language was FORTRAN. invented in 1954 by IBM’s John Backus.

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