Top 5 Computer Help Websites

Top 5 Computer Help Websites

Hello! This post is going to provide you with a brief introduction to the Top 5 Computer Help Websites which are really useful or handy on the verge of dealing with computer problems. Let me begin with this funny quote.

“The problem with troubleshooting is that trouble shoots back.” – Unknown Author

What do you think about the above-mentioned quote? We don’t know when a computer will be entirely errorless. Maybe never! Sometimes we ask ourselves, “What’s wrong with this device?” Hardware failures, internet connection issues, slow performance, data loss, blue screen problem, unusual noise, pop-up tabs on the screen, malware issues, etc. are some of the common and tiresome problems. We often need to consult with nearby troubleshooting guy or shop to deal with it. If you’re using any new software or application, then at that time also you find various difficulties. After sometime it becomes a complete mess due to the lack of proper knowledge about how to use them.

Some problems are so simple and can be easily solved, but our frustrated mind cannot think about it at that moment. The best thing that you can do in such situation is to know the problem and apply suitable solution. In order to do that you don’t need to take any troubleshooting course. Let me suggest you Top 5 Computer Help Websites, where you can go and find the best medication for your computer related problems as well as best guides to get started with new technologies:

TOP 5 Computer Help Websites

1. ComputerHope

This website is ample for beginner to the advanced level computer user or geeks, who want to find out the troubleshooting guides with detail information about the real cause of their problem. It is one of the oldest sites, helping people to find solutions to their computer related problems. Many common errors are discussed in this site including basic hardware and software problems. In addition, you can get other helpful tips, updates about recent technologies and guides from this website.

2. HowToGeek

I regard this website as one of the most helpful websites for computer user. You can find answers to your questions easily. Mac, Windows, Linux and android related issues are well explained with best solutions. If you are completely eager to keep yourself well-informed about every ongoing progress in the field of technology, then this site can provide you with enough knowledge to tackle problems related to various new technologies.

3. GCF

GCF is a site where you can learn helpful skills related to computer and other sorts of technologies. This website provides tutorials for the beginner level learners. The courses are from beginner to advance level and it’s not only about computer and technologies, you can find other helpful courses and tutorials for various other topics and subjects like English language, business etc. I think It’s a good choice for the students, who are willing to learn an additional skill for their work and life.

4. Tom’s Hardware

This site will help you to deal with hardware problems rather than software. If you’re having problems with your computer peripherals, then you can look for solutions on this websites. Likewise, you can find helpful tips, hardware information, unboxing ideas, reviews of new gadgets, comparative reviews and news related to technologies etc. Keep yourself updated with the help of this website.

5. WikiHow

We are obsessed with this question “How” in our life. When you buy any new gadget, let’s say smartphone or anything, you try to manipulate it so that it’ll fit your purpose. In that case, you need to know various things about that device to configure it. In other circumstances also, you ask this same question, “how to ….”. That’s what WikiHow is all about. This is an extensive source for finding out many tips and guides for many things including computer problems too.

Hope you love this post called Top 5 Computer Help Websites.

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