Convert GPT to MBR using Command Prompt

Convert GPT to MBR using Command Prompt

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to Convert GPT to MBR using Command Prompt.

Why do we need to know about GPT and MBR? GPT and MBR are the different partitions style. GPT stands for GUID Partition Table and MBR means Master Boot Record. When you’re trying to install a newer version of Windows operating system like Windows 10 or 8.1, you’ll be asked to choose one of these partition styles i.e. either MBR or GPT. If you’re reinstalling, then also sometimes you’ll be given a message that you can’t format and install in your drive because of unfamiliar partition style. In that case, without converting your partition style you’d not be allowed to install. So, this tutorial is going to teach you how to convert GPT to MBR using command prompt or how to convert drive’s partitions.


  • GPT stands for GUID (Globally Unique Identifier) Partition Table.
  • It is a newer version of partition style than MBR.
  • It is related with UEFI.
  • Large numbers of partition are allowed in this partition style based on your operating system.
  • Recovery of data is possible in case of data corruption.
  • It supports the hard drive of more than 2 TB storage.
  • It is gradually replacing MBR.


  • MBR stands for Master Boot Record.
  • It is a bit older version of partition style than GPT.
  • It is related with BIOS.
  • Recovery of data is in trouble if the data is corrupted.
  • It works with maximum capacity i.e. up to TB only.
  • It is popular but being gradually replaced by GPT.

Convert GPT to MBR using Command Prompt

  1. At first, you need to insert the DVD or bootable USB into the computer and then, boot our computer or laptop.
  2. Press the boot button for your PC. The boot button or key can be different on the basis of the manufacturing company.
  3. Choose UEFI mode when you boot your PC. (This partition style is commonly used as this the older version.)
  4. Press Shift + F10 and this will open a command prompt Window.
  5. Now, you’ve to open diskpart utility in the command prompt. For that type: diskpart
  6. Type: list disk (This will list all the disk. Remeber that you’re reformatting your internal hard drive, which is generally shown as disk 0.)
  7. You’ve to select the disk 0 or internal hard drive. So, type: select disk 0
  8. Then, type: clean and hit Enter.
  9. Type: convert gpt (The conversion will finish in a few seconds.)
  10. Type: exit

After doing these steps, you can close the command prompt. Continue your installation process. Now, you’ve your whole internal drive as unallocated space. You can create partitions from the unallocated space. If you don’t know how to create a partition, then click here.

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