How to Hide Files Inside a Picture

How to Hide Files Inside a Picture

How to hide files inside a Picture? Hey, it sounds cool. Are you thinking of hiding your personal or secret files, so that your friends or parents might not find what you’ve got on your computer? Most of the tricks that we use are hiding folders using windows’ Properties option, which is probably not a good idea because nowadays people knows how to see hidden folders, hiding drives (it works to some extent) and using different software for locking up your folders. But when your friends or parents ask you to tell your password, then you have no way to escape. So, these ways are good but let me give you another method or way which is our post all about i.e. How to hide files inside a Picture. We are going to learn to hide the important files inside a JPEG picture. Even if somebody knows about this, they’ll not dare to open and unzip your all the photos to see what’s there inside them. Let’s see what we have to do.

  1. You need to create a folder. Let’s make a folder called “Check” inside D drive (or any other drive). Put your important files inside that folder.
  2. Now, we’ve to select a picture and keep in D drive (not inside the folder that we’ve created or any other folder). Why? Because that picture is going to be a hiding place for our files which we’ve kept inside the folder called “Check”.
  3. You should have RAR software in your computer. If you don’t have then, click here to download and install it.
  4. Select the folder “Check” and right-click. Choose to Add to “…….rar” (In my case Add to “Check.rar”). A rar file will get created.
  5. Delete the “Check” folder.
  6. Open the command prompt. (Press Win key + R, type cmd and hit Enter)
  7. Inside that black window type: <drive letter> (I will have to type: D)
  8. Now type this command: copy /b dog.jpg + check.rar dog.jpg (The files will get copied into the image dog.jpg)
  9. You can delete the rar file also because we’ve already copied our files in the image (dog.jpg). That’s it. We’ve successfully hidden our files inside the image.
  10. If you want your files back, then right-click on the image and choose “Add to archive” and press “OK“. Your rar file will appear there with magic (Just kidding).
  11. Finally, you can right-click on that Check.rar file and select “Extract files” to get your all files back.

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