Technology Jokes

Technology Jokes

Hello everyone! I have come up with a new collection of Technology Jokes. Funny things happen in this digital world or technological world. Though most of the people are becoming familiar with the various new technology, there always happens funny things. So, this collection of Technology Jokes contains such funny events and puns that will obviously make you laugh. You can click here for other collections of jokes related to computer. So, let’s see what we’ve got to read and entertain ourselves:

Joke #1:

A customer walked into our store looking for Christmas lights. I showed her our top brand, but, wanting to make sure each bulb worked, she asked me to take them out of the box and plug them in.

I did, and each one lit up.

“Great,” she said.

I carefully placed the string of lights back in the box.

But as I handed them to her, she looked alarmed.

“I don’t want this box,” she said abruptly. “It’s been opened.”

Joke #2:

My grandfather once told me “your generation is too reliant on technology.”

So I replied, “no, your generation is too reliant on technology!”

Then I disconnected his life support.

Joke #3:

Three men are sitting naked in the sauna. Suddenly there is a beeping sound. The first man presses his forearm and the beeping stops.

The others look at him questioningly.

“That’s my pager,” he says.

“I have a microchip under the skin of my arm.”

A few minutes later a phone rings. The second man lifts his palm to his ear.

When he finishes he explains, “That’s my mobile phone. I have a microchip in my hand.”

The third man, feeling decidedly low-tech, steps out of the sauna. In a few minutes, he returns with a piece of toilet paper extending from his rear.

The others raise their eyebrows.

“I’m getting a fax,” he explains.

Joke #4:

Mr. Scott bought a puppy for his 8 years old son, Jack. The boy started playing with his new pet.

Jack: Dad, what shall I keep her name?

Mr. Scoot: You can name her whatever you like but be sure it’s something you can remember. You’ll be using it as a security question answer for the rest of your life.

Joke #5:

Listening to the wife is like reading the terms & conditions of the website. You understand nothing, still, you say…. “I Agree”….!

Joke #6:

Tom: How should I convey the news to my father that I’ve failed?

David: You just send a telegram: Result declared, past year’s performance repeated.

Joke #7:

A person was putting his laptop inside the scanner …

A: Hey. Are you crazy? What are you doing with your laptop?

B: Well, they told me to scan this laptop to remove all viruses! That’s what I’m doing.

Joke #8:

Tech support: Sir, we’ve reset your password, so please jot down this new password. Your password is Av7274. A is in uppercase and v in lowercase.

Customer: Ok. Is 7274 also in lowercase or what?

Joke #9:

Son: Wow! iPhone.

Daughter: iPod!

Wife: iPad!

Husband:  iPaid!!!

Joke #10:

A policeman stopped a bald guy, being found suspicious and asked him a few questions.

Policeman: What’s your address?

Bald Guy: Ah!

Joke #11:

This is the extract of the conversation recorded in the technical interview.

Interviewer: Do you know ‘OOPS’ concept?

Candidate: Yes…whenever I drop something from the table, I say, “oops!” I did it again.. So, it’s used to show exclamation.

Interviewer: I think we’ve to stop right now. Goodbye!

Joke #12:

Tech Support: How may I help you, Sir?

Customer: I’m writing my first e-mail.

Tech Support: Ok, and what seems to be the problem?

Customer: Well, I have the letter ‘a’ in the address, but how do I get the circle around it?

Joke #13:

Wikipedia: I know everything!

Google: I have everything!

Facebook: I know everybody!

Internet: Without me you are nothing!

Electricity: Keep talking people, just keep right on talking!

Hope you like this collection of Technology Jokes.

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