How To Reset USB Drive Using Command Prompt

In this tutorial, we are going to use “diskpart” in the command prompt to reset our USB Drive. Many time people just throw away all the USB drive which are not recognized by the computer. Sometimes the format option doesn’t work when we try to format the corrupted drive by using both GUI option and format command in Command Prompt. In such cases, we still have a way to get rid of all these problems.

Here are the steps we need to follow to refresh our USB drive for further use by removing all the errors and hidden corruptive things:

  1. Go to the search box and type “cmd” or “command prompt”. Now right click on the shown program and choose “Run as Administrator”. Remember that this option will allow you to perform many tasks in comparison to the first option “Run” only.
  2. Now, we are in our real working zone. Let’s type “diskpart” and hit Enter. Nothing interesting will happen.
  3. Let’s move on to the next step. Type “list disk” and press Enter. This command will show your disk information on the black screen.
  4. Generally, we get “disk 0” and “disk 1” as our result. “disk 0” is your internal hard drive and “disk 1” is your USB drive. You can be sure about it by simply checking it’s storage capacity which is clearly given after the disk’s name.
  5. Type “select disk 1” and press Enter. Don’t forget that we are trying to bring back our USB drive alive and for that, we have to select it (“disk 1).
  6.  Type “clean”. It will clean your drive completely. Be patient!
  7. So, we have cleaned our drive that means we have nothing left. It will be considered unallocated. So, type “create partition primary” to create a new partition and hit Enter.
  8. Type “format fs=ntfs” and press Enter. This seems a little bit messy. Here we are just creating NTFS, which one of the file systems. For more information about file system see
  9. Type “assign” or “active”.
  10. We’ve done our job. Let’s get out of this black interface world. Type “exit” and hit Enter.

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