How To Learn a Programming Language? 6 Tips For You

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Nowadays, we often hear about computer wizards who use programming languages to create amazing stuff. Just like many people are interested in learning new or multiple languages to globalize themselves, today we are also eager to get the understanding of how the things like websites, games, computer programs, and software are created. These are all created by using certain programming languages. That’s why people of this modern age want to know what programming is and how to create something new and worthwhile by selecting the best programming language. Here are some tips for programming lovers about how to learn a programming language:

1. Think about why you want to learn to program.

Programming has a huge influence in the present era. As a result, people will think of learning this language just to keep updated with new changes that going on around you, but your exact reason for wanting to learn to programme can encourage or motivate you to do well. Do you want to create a fantastic website? Or do you like to become a good application developer? Are you thinking of being a System Administrator? Anyway, you should learn to program whatever your goal might be.

2. Select a programming language.

Ok, Let’s get started. But which language would you choose to learn first? There are many such programming languages and it’s a good question to ask. Here are some options for you: JavaScript, Python, PHP, Ruby (These are called dynamic languages because they are easy and simple to learn.), Java (a statically typed language). If you are a complete beginner, then the above-mentioned languages can be the best choice to start with. The basic concept is necessary to be understood to make progress in the programming field and for that, you need to get started with simple languages, which will help you to grasp the fundamental concept.

3. Collect the best resources: books, tutorials, videos etc.

I don’t mean to say that you should a huge collection of these things. But you’ll ultimately need something to read, something to guide you and make you understand and someone to show you by doing it. Tools are really essential if we want to explore the mysteries of this programming world. If you’re confused about being choosy about these materials, then you can see my following tips:

4. Install a software and start coding

After you’ve understood the basic concept, you can try writing even the simples code on the software. For example, The first program that you’ll probably learn to write is “Hello World”. It may seem simple and somewhat useless to you sometimes, but don’t undermine its importance. Take time to test and try every example that you see on the tutorials. The understanding of concepts is crucial for making progress and improvement. As a beginner, you’ll have to face many coding errors especially syntax error and others too.

5. Take courses and make use of free online resources

You can find free and low-cost courses and materials on the internet. So, you can make good use of them. Codecademy, Coursera, Udemy, GitHub, MIT Open Courseware, Khan Academy, Code Avengers etc. are some of the highly recommended online sites to ease your programming journey. There are some websites where you can enhance your programming knowledge by having a lot of fun also. These are some of the websites which can be beneficial for the learners: Scratch, Treehouse, Alice, Hackety Hack, Codecademy, Open Classroom (Stanford University video lectures), Codea, Codakid etc.

6. Learn it every day and find a group or community to interact with them.

It’s easy to start but tough to finish it. Never stop programming, no matter how busy you are never give up. Take an hour or a couple of hours every day to extend your knowledge of programming. Don’t overload yourself by crapping a lot in a day. It needs to steady and balanced. Another good way to enlarge your knowledge is by getting engaged with people which are also pursuing this field. You can help those who are new to programming and you can learn from those who have better knowledge and experience than yours. This will help you a lot!

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